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The Black Bag Edit

07 July 2014, by Forrest Chase

There is nothing like a new classic black bag to update your look this Winter. We all know we have one, but when was the last time you updated your classic black bag? If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We have you covered with our quick Black bag edit from a select range of stores at Forrest Chase. No matter the purpose you’re bound to find something you love which is on trend and affordable!

To start we have the Witchery Bridgette Backpack. Not only are backpacks on trend but this one is marked down! Originally $149.95 it’s now $99.95 so get in quick!

Need the space but a backpack isn’t what you’re after? Maybe the Portmans Frankie Punched Tote ($59.95) is more to your liking? The classic tote shape with texture to add some edge.

Feast your eyes on the Nine West Trenleigh Mini ($99.95) – our third pick in the edit. It’s sneaky added leopard texture gives it a little punch, for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

On the other end of the scale is the more minimalistic Innovare Made In Italy Tote Bag from Myer. Classy and sophisticated, this one will set you back $439 but the style is timeless.

Paying homage to the classic Chloe handbag is the Aaron Bag from Novo Shoes ($79.95)…style at a tenth of the price.

Need space for your laptop? Fossil has a range of handbags for the working girl, including the Sydney Work Bag ($449).

Last but not least the Sportsgirl Quincy Satchel ($39.95). Perfect for everyday use and whilst compact, it’s not too small!

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Freo, heave ho and that sort of thing.

26 September 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli

Fashion Alert

Image source: Footy Stamps.

Here’s a fact you already know: the Freo Dockers are in the AFL Grand Final this Saturday and it’s their first one EVER since they debuted in 1996. If this is news to you… welcome back from your North Korean holiday, I guess? ANYWAY they’re totally in the Grand Final this weekend and therefore most of my family and friends face a wardrobe challenge that I basically decided, age 11, was the reason I’d remain an Eagles supporter (and I have such a clear memory of this, it isn’t a sweet tale that I spun for your benefit or anything): “What if the Dockers make it into the Grand Final? How are you supposed to even dress in their colours? Purple, red, green, white… that’ll look ridiculous! I don’t think I even have those colours in my wardrobe. Blue and gold is easy.” Little did I know that it wouldn’t be an outfit conundrum to face for 17 years. Nor did I know that they’d change their logo to be mostly purple… but I probably realised that I would stop caring about football approximately 2 hours after making that statement.

Flash-forward to 2013 and I’m trying to dig up the purplest outfits possible in order to contribute to the purple haze: because by the power of FASHION, maybe the Dockers will win and make my dad happy and leave his heart un-heartattacked this Saturday.

For the Ladies:

For the Ladies

Image sources: Trapeze dress, $235, Cue; Palm Springs cropped skinny jean, $39.95, Portmans; Husky Nimbus packable spreay jacket, $40, Myer; Toms purple crochet seasonal classic shoes, $75, Pigeonhole; Marley tee, $24.95, Sportsgirl; Purple pumps nail polish, $9.95, Novo.

For the Dudes:

For the Dudes

Image sources: Blaq Slim lilac business shirt, $48, and Blaq slim stripe tie, $29.95, Myer; ¾ sleeve basic top, $12, Jay Jays; bike socks, $15, Pigeonhole; Assembly Flock of Seagulls short sleeved shirt, $70, Live; Ray Ban Justin sunglasses, $149.95, Sunglass Hut.

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Three pieces to change the season

05 September 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli


Image source:

If the blissful change in temperature hasn’t alerted you, I’m sure your legions of Facebook friends posting photos of cherry blossoms and/or blue skies have: spring’s springing. While my sinuses (currently aflame with allergies) aren’t that happy about it, you’d better believe the rest of me is – as far as I’m concerned, warm breezes, longer days and baby animals are a recipe for happiness. The proverbial garnish would be the news that you no longer have to dress in approximately 17 layers in order to survive the day: return to your neglected summer clothes and start contemplating them again. OK, so it’s not exactly hot enough to bust out a mini dress, and maybe your legs have turned translucent over the winter and might frighten the children, but tell your niece to stop crying at the horror of your ghostly shins because IT’S GOING TO BE OK. All you need is a few (and I mean that) trans-seasonal pieces to layer up to make the transition between icicles and searing heat.


Image sources: 1. Western shirt, from Levis; 2. Marley Panel shift dress, $89.95, from Portmans; 3. Delia flat form wedge, $149.95, from Witchery.

  1. A lightweight shirt
    If you don’t have a chambray shirt yet, SPRING IS THE SEASON, PEOPLE. Wear it open like a jacket, tied over your favourite maxi, relaxed with a pair of jeans or shorts – it’s the perfect weight and colour for indecisive-but-usually-warm weather. If you can’t do chambray because you were scarred by the 70s or the 90s or whatever, any structured lightweight shirt will do – a drill cotton or linen will fit the bill just as well (but I cannot say no to denim. It’s my weakness).
  2. A shift dress
    I love the resurgence of the shift dress simply because it’s such a versatile piece. This one from Portmans is perfect – button down, clean white and with just a touch of sleeve: you can wear it to work with a blazer and fitted pants or leggings; you can wear it on the weekends layered up with an open chambray shirt (ahem), or softly tucked into some baggy boyfriend jeans or a pair of shorts; you can wear it out for drinks with a big piece of jewellery and heels or sandals (depending on how fancy your drinks are). Once it’s hot enough, you can even wear it over your bathers: it’ll take you from the beach to bar and beyond.
  3. A pair of chunky sandals
    The easiest way to switch your outfit from winter to spring? Throw a pair of sandals on. Nothing telegraphs “it’s warm and I love it” like exposed feet. While it doesn’t *have* to be a flatform like the Witchery ones pictured above (although, you’re getting height without pain, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t go there), I like a heavier sandal in spring – it’s still covered enough to wear with bulkier clothes like jeans, but light enough to wear with a little dress.

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All covered up

14 June 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli


All cover up

Image sources: Belt up trench, $299.95, from Witchery; Cooper St Bethany coat, $169.95, from Myer; Collarless coat, $169.95, from Sportsgirl.

Seeing as Perth has fallen into it’s Arctic tundra phase where it’s pitch black at 6am and you can see your own breath while you’re lying in bed, I’d say it’s time to rug up, wouldn’t you? Seeing as polite society won’t allow us to roll around with our doonas wrapped at our shoulders Superman style, I guess a coat will have to be the next best thing. Not that I have anything against coats, quite the opposite; a coat lends polish and finish to your outfit, and as a West Australian and therefore, perennial winter dressing novice, that big coat is going to cover whatever mismatch of layering you’ve had to throw on in order not to die of frostbite on your morning commute and make you look positively put together.

So, hurray for coats! Between overcoats, anoraks and drape front jackets all fighting for top billing as “coat trend: 2013” there’s a world of choice out there – just make sure you have enough space underneath to layer up and keep cosy.


The Met Ball

Image sources: Fur trim anorak, $199.95, from Witchery; Tameika fur parka, $169.95, from Sportsgirl; Faux Fur trim anorak, $169.95, from Portmans.

Drape front jackets

The Met Ball

Image sources: Cooper St Sheepy Coat, $159.95, from Myer; Drape leather jacket, $599.95, from Witchery; Collarless coat, $169.95, from Witchery.

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