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Fashionable fillies: Melbourne Cup 2013

08 November 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli

 Melbourne Cup 1

Image source: Shutterstock.

Just so we're clear: I'm not talking horsies. Unsurprisingly, I have a clearer image of Gai Waterhouse's incredible string of pearls than I do the name of the winner - so as always, we're talking outfits. The race might stop a nation, but it's only for a moment. Red carpet photos and over-the-top headwear? That's forever.

Taking the cup

Melbourne Cup 2

L-R: Coco Rocha, Lindy Klim, Nicole Warne.

These three are an absolute treat. It may be Coco's job to look incredible, but models (even super ones) so often rely on their looks and get the clothes all wrong - not so for Coco, who is a perfectly balanced architectural masterpiece. So appropriate, so flattering. Princess Lindy and blogger Nicole Warne both seem to be repping a bit of Dolce and Gabbana: Lindy on the more gothic side, Nicole on the lighter and brighter but both equally royal in gold crowns.

Blue ribbon

Melbourne Cup 3

L-R: Deborah and John Quinn, Laura Dundovic, Richard Nylon.

Here we have three people who really own their excellent, individualistic style - the "ain't give a damn"s of fashion. Deborah Quinn appears to be wearing a novelty sized paper boat on her head and I just want to high five her and pour her a drink... Attitude is everything. And then there's Laura Dundovic, who just looks gorgeous in that Aurelio Costarella - seriously excellent colour choice and one of the best flower crowns I've seen for a good while.

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Searching for shades

31 October 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli

Shades 1

Image source:

Well, I checked the barometer and it’s officially glorious outside, so you know what that means… aside from shaving your legs more often, it’s time for shades! Sunglasses are an integral part of your outfit - you’re going to reach for those little tinted lenses every time you set foot outside the house, and as far as I’m concerned, that is great news! Complete looks are all about the little finishing touches, and sunglasses are on your face – so they’re an important one. Does your outfit need to throw serious power vibes in a strong, black architectural frame? Are you heading to the beach and need something a little more colourful (and cheap, so if they get sandy it’s not a big deal)? Do you want a zany festival pair, or oversized boho specs to wear with your floaty maxi dress and sandals while you do your best Rachael Zoe? The awesome price point of fashion sunnies means that while you might like to have a good pair (you really can’t beat the quality or coverage of a pair of designer glasses), you can have glasses for almost any occasion – let’s explore, shall we?

Shades 2
  1. Aside from being a majorly fashionable look, dressing is at it’s most powerful when capped off by a pair of chunky acetate cat’s eye glasses. Of course, you can wear these just about anywhere as they’re a totally classic shape (and they’ll last), but think about these and some sharp stilettos and an all-black outfit? Yeah, the Devil wears Witchery now. Luella glasses, $69.95, Witchery.
  2. Music festival and misc. bohemian activity: OK, it doesn’t get much more festive than little round tinted John Lennon glasses speckled with tiny roses, does it? Perfect for your deeply fringed t-shirt/ flower crown outfit. Freedom gold peach, $39.95, Sportsgirl.
  3. Oh, we love a pair of oversized vintage inspired glasses, don’t we? A subtle take on the super popular cats eye shape, this is a perfect every-day pair for the classic girl – anyone who loves their skirts a-line and their lips crimson will rock these out forever. Patti charcoal, $89.95, Cue.
  4. Headed to the beach and/or highway patrol? Love the reflector aviators – they’re colourful and fun so they’ll pop with your bikini, but they’re also right in tune with the fashions – reflector lenses are another key trend you’ll see popping up everywhere (if you haven’t already). Heat Wave mirror, $39.95, Sportsgirl.
  5. OK, these are the ‘love them and hold closely to you’ pair, because a) they’re by Giorgio Armani and therefore: a) are of Giorgio Armani quality b) will look good on you as it’s a softer version of the Ray Ban wayfarer shape which suits just about every face shape c) have those gold arms that are devastatingly elegant without being boring-elegant d) just rule, ok? Giorgio Armani AR8011, $390, Sunglass Hut.

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Spring Carnival 2013

25 October 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli

Spring Carnival 1

Image source:

Good old Melbourne Cup – it’s that one day in the year where Aussies everywhere come into work knowing they’re not actually going to work because their minds are focused on much horsier things, and for some reason, it’s ok. It’s even encouraged! Gotta love Australia. I don’t know about you, but I intend to make the most of race day this year, which means… its time to get fancy! Let’s talk outfits, shall we?

Spring Carnival 2

Image sources: Jayson Brundson Ivory jacquard dress, $199, from Myer; Gregory Ladner Judith hat, $99.95, from Myer; Mistress sunglasses, $39.95, from Sportsgirl.

I’m a massive fan of monochrome this year. Not only is it perfect for Derby Day where black and white traditionally rules the roost, it’s a blisteringly huge trend so you’ll find it totally easy to deck yourself out. This little Jayson Brundson is particularly race friendly – covered up enough to remain chic, but those panels certainly indicate that your hips (and bust, and waist) do not lie. Matched with a gigantic brimmed hat, dramatic cats-eye glasses, a red lip and an attitude borrowed from Julie Cooper-Nichol on an up day, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will make the champagne come to you.

Spring Carnival 3

Image sources: Stella Forest dress, $70, from Live Clothing; Mesh trim floppy hat, $55, from Pigeonhole; Luscious metal toe sandal, $39.95, from Portmans.

Is there anything about a floral dress that isn’t loved by everyone who sees/wears it? This getup is perfect for the low-key lass: anyone who isn’t keen on getting burnt by the spicy November sun, who isn’t that into the idea of aerating Ascot’s lawn c/o their stilettos, and mostly, anyone who likes to look like a lady and will probably behave like one.

Spring Carnival 4

Image sources: Max Alexander Valerie cloche, $129, from Myer; Embellished neck top, $129.95, and Wide leg textured pant, $129.95, from Witchery.

Let’s just get one thing straight: if red wine is your drink of choice or you’re an adorable but undeniable klutz, this outfit is going to be nothing but trouble. But if you’re willing to dedicate yourself to vodka sodas and you don’t mind doing things a little differently, say hello to the crispest threads you can rock while horse adjacent. I’ve always been a fan of ladies in trousers on race day – it’s super elegant and a welcome change from the norm. Better, this is a serious dose of that top-to-toe all white trend, and polished off with a wee cloche like you’re some sort of modern-day Daisy Buchanan (sans weird emotional hang-ups)? Even if you lose all your money on horse bets, you’re still going to come out a winner.

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Bags of taste

18 October 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli


Image source:

It's a lifelong affair of love sprinkled with co-dependency: you don't know what you'd do without your handbag, but odds are that it would include standing in the middle of the street, swearing at the sky. Just admit it - handbags are The One. You need them. You can't live without them, and unlike most traditional relationships, you can take on more than one without the others getting jealous and leaving... it's the perfect arrangement. So - let's dip into a little handbag polygamy, shall we? There's so many wonderful trends to partake in, and you only live once: you wouldn't want to regret a missed opportunity, would you?


Image sources: 1. Annette giant leather tote, $330, from Pigeonhole; 2. Boxy backpack, $59.95, from Sportsgirl; 3. McQ by Alexander McQueen Albion white leather shoulder bag, $799, from Myer.

  1. For the indecisive girl who needs everything, all the time - and would ultimately like her bag to double as a place to sleep, it's pretty hard to go past an oversized tote like the Annette from Pigeonhole. Made from delicious, hardy leather (a necessary and resilient choice if you're going to carry your life about with you), it'll go with everything (tan) and fit anything.
  2. Thought you left your backpack days behind when you burned your maths books and vowed never to wear tan stockings again? You thought wrong, compadre - like the Backstreet boys before them, backpacks are BACK - alright! From the cute and quirky to the seriously quilted and black, backpacks are officially a major fashion girl look that you should get used to. Not only are they a sweet, youthful take on the often grown-up serious world of lady bags, backpacks are great for gals with back problems and essential for anyone who rides their bike around town.
  3. This shoulder bag? The ultimate in understated chic. I love the simple lines, the long, elegant strap (that is irritatingly not photographed but it hangs about hip height) and the whole aura of "This old thing? I've had it for years" - because after years of metal embellished bags, it's a palette cleanser. Even though I hate to refer to anything as such, this McQ bag is a classic. You'll keep it forever.

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