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Jacket racket

16 July 2012

Jacket racket

Image sources: Dax, $359.10 from Politix; Ben Sherman Harrington jacket, $139.95 from Myer; All weather trucker, $219.95 from Levis.

Men of the world: we (women of the world) are sorry for raiding your winter wardrobe, leaving you cold, shivering and alone as the rain pours on your window. It’s not because we don’t care. It’s just an indisputable fact that your jumpers, for whatever reason, are ALWAYS warmer than ours. Likewise, your tracksuit pants seem to have both thermal and cuddle properties that ours do not. For the decades of stealing, I apologise. And I can only proffer one nugget of guidance: buy more jackets. Because while any woman who gets near you will probably try to take that from you as well, the stiff tailoring of a jacket will always make it’s way back to you. It’s much harder for us to make some comically oversized coat work in any other circumstance than a walk to the car after dinner. We don’t particularly want your leather jacket for slobbing around in about the house. And while the boyfriend-style blazer might be a strong point in women’s fashion at the moment, actual boyfriend blazers with the long arms and the boxy shape: much less so. Plus, a man always looks handsome in a jacket – something evolutionary to do with arms and shoulders and looking warm, so really, it’s sort of a win-win scenario here… are you sure you don’t want to be thanking me? You’re welcome.

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