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How to: dress for your inevitable post-christmas bloat

21 December 2011

It's boxing day. You lie, comatose, sipping left over brandy sauce through a straw and moaning. The sun scorches your distended stomach, taunting: "Christmas is for the northern hemisphere! Whatever possessed you to bring days of salty roasted meats and clotted cream to a time of shorts and bikinis?" You roll your eyes upward and shake your fist at the sky, deciding your new year's resolution will involve drinking less – dessert or otherwise, the sun should not be able to converse with you.

But, your sun hallucinations do have a point: it's over-indulgence time AND summer. People want to catch up, possibly in public. It's too hot for a jacket. How are you going to handle this one? Short of locking yourself indoors until your body has deflated, it's going to come down to clever wardrobe choices. Thankfully, you guys have got me to point you in the right direction.

Gift Guide

Image source:Kaftan from Portmans,Maxi Dress from Myer,Man-style Shirt from Witchery

  1. Kaftans, caftans, or big floaty muumuus, whatever you call them, they're your pals. They float in the right direction: away from your belly. Make sure there's still a bit of skin, though – arms and shoulders, legs or bust, otherwise you'll look like your drowning in a sea of fabric.
  2. Maxi dresses: anything empire line or trapeze (cut just under the bust) works. Go for a large print to hide the shadows, lumps and bumps.
  3. Man-style shirts: those oversized beach shirts are fabulous with a pair of shorts and sandals for a cool, downplayed look. But mostly, enjoy your festive indulgences and worry about flat stomachs later: christmas comes but once a year, torturous eating plans can inhabit the rest of the 365.

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