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Gift guide - siblings

16 December 2011

I'm the proud owner of both a brother and a sister (younger, more genetically blessed, you know how it is) and I must admit: they're my favourite to buy christmas presents for. I think it's the low pressure - these are people you can spend your childhood lying to and punching just to pass the time, and they have no choice but to continue to love you (or at the very least, tolerate your existence). It's like buying for friends, but lower stakes, which in turn is quite freeing – no stress? you'll probably hit the nail on the head. So, what's the worst that could happen if you buy them a bit of a dud present and both of you are acutely aware as they open it on christmas morning? They say thanks, try and use it once; you say no worries, and leave, guilt-free. Bless us, every one.


Gift guide - siblings

Image source: Chambray shirt, $119.95, from Levis, Vinturi aerator, $109.95, from Myer, Skyrim, $78, from Game

Your too-cool hipster brother will love this denim shirt for the upcoming festival season – just add jeans and some underground artist nobody but he and his best friend have heard of. Cheap-wine-drinking brothers will love this miracle of an aerator, which turns even the most $4 dollar bottle of red into something palatable. While I know nothing about games beyond Tetris, I've been ensured by a school of reliable nerd friends that your computer/ console addicted sibling will love Skyrim.


Gift guide - siblings

Image source: Alice quilt box sling bag, $29.95, from Sportsgirl, Touche Eclat, $55, from Myer, Low back beach dress, $99.95, from Witchery

Shiny pretties, please - and don't hold the acidy colour. Every lady will use and love the following over summer: small handbags (events, festivals); YSL touche eclat (amazing highlighting concealer perfect for her exhausted eye bags); baggy chuck on maxi dress (also available in white).

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