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Eat your way to Bali: doctors orders

07 June 2012

Eat your way to Bali

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What better way to celebrate the final, much overdue arrival of winter than a competition that encourages eating? There’s no better way, and that is A SCIENTIFIC FACT*. While Forrest Chase and City Central’s Eat your way to Bali ain’t exactly one of those pie eating competitions where you have to out glutton your fellow competitors while wearing gingham to the strains of duelling banjos, it’s almost as exciting (and will probably put less stress on the old piece of rope holding up your pantaloons). Check in every time you dine at Forrest Chase or at City Central, and you might be checking in to a flight to tropical glory – at last, a Facebook check in that will benefit someone other than any lazy stalkers you might have. Because I, too, have worked a thankless desk job and understand the importance of getting your precious lunch exactly right, I’ve written a little doctor’s* prescription to ensure you get the correct dosage of each eatery for any given symptom- and you can let your mind wander to sunnier shores.

Patient exhibits wide, closed eyed yawning; lack of rest; resistance toward mornings.

Gloria Jeans in the morning, 1-3 times through the day as needed. Suggest Baker’s delight freshly baked treat of either savoury or sweet descent to separate the ugly from Mondays.

Patient declares this week will be different; begins diet; quits processed carbohydrates for GOOD this time.

Vital Juice Bar for liquid breakfast or lunch, with the optional addition of vegetables as patient can stomach; sashimi and miso from Edo Shiki, Shizmu Donabe & Bento or Jaws Sushi to supplement juice fasts that never work; Subway sandwiches to be administered on alternating days for protein enhanced, calorie-calculated lunch.

Patient feels sluggish and headachy; may or may not have had one wine too many the night previous; has vague recollections of dancing on tables.

An immediate deep fried injection of KFC is highly recommended – while the curative properties of Kentucky style chicken are as-yet unproven, early studies indicate high correlation between hangover cure and battered bird.

Patient sick to death of work; spends days attempting to recall recent Asian holidays; secretly wishes boss would just shut up, possibly forever if you know what I mean.

Frequent, weekday doses of Asian food; suggest alternating Seoul BBQ Café, Han’s Café and Ruby Thai to recall brighter days until murderous rage subsides.

*Rachael is not a medical practitioner or scientist. She may have quit science in year 10 to pursue 4 (four) humanities based subjects. For actual medical advice, please consult your HR manager

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