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Top 10 tips for great picnics

11 October 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli


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Get excited, Perthies: we're finally swinging into picnic weather! Bring a plate and bask in the gentle* sunlight and catch some vitamin D without going Full Monty in a bikini and blinding the other folks on the beach with your winter pallor. It's a special time of year.

I'm all for a good picnic. It's a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by nature's bounty as you stuff your face; even better if there are kids/dogs in the mix - a day of running around like mad in a park will ensure a sound sleep that night. But the key to a great picnic and a good anything, for that matter. Being prepared. Lucky for you, I've gone all Boy Scout and have got my favourite tips for you:


Image sources: 1. Wild & Wolf V&A Daisy 500ml flask, $39.95, from Myer; 2. Vue thin stem clear wine glass, $7.95, from Myer; 3. Near Field Interactive (NFI) Speaker, $24.98, from Dick Smith.

  1. If you bring no other implements, bring a sharp knife and a board to cut on. Whether it's making a cheese board or dicing up charred sausage for your pooch, you will need these.
  2. Blankets (non itchy) are all very well and good, but as the champagne bottle draws to an end, what are you going to prop yourself up on? Give your lower back a rest and bring plenty of pillows.
  3. *UV rays are not that gentle. If you care about your face place, always wear sunscreen. Bring a bottle for re-application.
  4. Chopped, frozen fruit like grapes, orange, banana and mango are a great treat for kids and will help to keep your cold stuff colder. Spear them on a shish kebab stick for ease and wrap them in alfoil to keep then frozen for longer.
  5. If you're going to bring a salad, try and keep the wet bits (like tomato) separate. Don't dress it until you get there. Do not even think about cheese squares, by the time you get to lunch they will melt. Eugh.
  6. Bring a hand fan and receive the undying gratitude of the person in your party who can't stand the heat (there's always one).
  7. Portable speakers and an iPhone will definitely liven up proceedings - the NFI speaker works wirelessly: just put your iPod or anything with an external speaker on top and it'll amplify! NFI speaker, $24.98, Dick Smith.
  8. Are we not humans? Do we not walk upright and on two feet? If you're going to bring bubbles or wine, make sure you've got appropriate vessels. I've heard "oh, I should have brought plastic wine/champagne glasses" one time too many. Everyone likes drinking out of the right shaped glass: it's science. The glasses from Vue at Myer are $7.95 each and can be used time and again.
  9. A thermos of hot water and a box of tea bags are probably going to save the day for at least one person. Team with the outdoor theme: the adorable Wild & Wolf V&A daisy flask is $39.95 at Myer.
  10. Bring insect repellant. If your sweet, delicious blood is anything like mine, those suckers will attack the minute you walk into the park.

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Dressing like royalty

03 October 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli


You may have noticed our gorgeous Prints and Printsess (see what we did there) campaign launch over the past few weeks – isn’t it great? I know I want to spend the rest of my days backlit and precariously perched around in nature, wearing a shiny crown and some fantastic prints. Perhaps I’ll leave nature to the animals and precariously perch myself on a barstool, but either way, I’ll be decked out in printed clothing (and a crown).

I’m sure the incredible surge of wild digital prints haven’t escaped your notice – it’s been happening for a while now, but it’s a trend that doesn’t show many signs of waning. You could say it'll never die, and for the moment, you'd be right - because the prints trend has been breathed new life. This ain’t your layered up pony club cardi/pullover combo, though – we’re talking tops and bottoms in matching patterns and it is adorable and YOU WILL LOVE IT.


Image source: .

Why? Not only does the hyper coordination bring you one step closer to your life goal and mine: becoming a swarthy, 6ft version of Cher Horowitz, but matching print sets are far more versatile than a printed frock. You can mix and match with what you’ve already got, try out some crazy clashing print combos or keep it simple with block colour basics. It also affords you the opportunity to dress up and down with ease and the rules are pretty simple: add heels/ lipstick and something tailored or in a fancy fabric to dress up. Use jeans, cotton based tops and casual shoes to dress down.


Image sources: 1. Pretty Quirky co-ord tee, $79.95, and shorts, $79.95, from Sportsgirl; 2. Contrast print crop top, $159, and high waist skirt, $169, from Cue; 3. Daisy co-ord bustier, $49.95, and skirt, $89.95, from Sportsgirl .

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Freo, heave ho and that sort of thing.

26 September 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli

Fashion Alert

Image source: Footy Stamps.

Here’s a fact you already know: the Freo Dockers are in the AFL Grand Final this Saturday and it’s their first one EVER since they debuted in 1996. If this is news to you… welcome back from your North Korean holiday, I guess? ANYWAY they’re totally in the Grand Final this weekend and therefore most of my family and friends face a wardrobe challenge that I basically decided, age 11, was the reason I’d remain an Eagles supporter (and I have such a clear memory of this, it isn’t a sweet tale that I spun for your benefit or anything): “What if the Dockers make it into the Grand Final? How are you supposed to even dress in their colours? Purple, red, green, white… that’ll look ridiculous! I don’t think I even have those colours in my wardrobe. Blue and gold is easy.” Little did I know that it wouldn’t be an outfit conundrum to face for 17 years. Nor did I know that they’d change their logo to be mostly purple… but I probably realised that I would stop caring about football approximately 2 hours after making that statement.

Flash-forward to 2013 and I’m trying to dig up the purplest outfits possible in order to contribute to the purple haze: because by the power of FASHION, maybe the Dockers will win and make my dad happy and leave his heart un-heartattacked this Saturday.

For the Ladies:

For the Ladies

Image sources: Trapeze dress, $235, Cue; Palm Springs cropped skinny jean, $39.95, Portmans; Husky Nimbus packable spreay jacket, $40, Myer; Toms purple crochet seasonal classic shoes, $75, Pigeonhole; Marley tee, $24.95, Sportsgirl; Purple pumps nail polish, $9.95, Novo.

For the Dudes:

For the Dudes

Image sources: Blaq Slim lilac business shirt, $48, and Blaq slim stripe tie, $29.95, Myer; ¾ sleeve basic top, $12, Jay Jays; bike socks, $15, Pigeonhole; Assembly Flock of Seagulls short sleeved shirt, $70, Live; Ray Ban Justin sunglasses, $149.95, Sunglass Hut.

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A spring in your step

19 September 2013, by Rachael Ciccarelli


Image sources:,,

So, it’s the end of winter and you’re itching to buy something new. Something to shake off the last of the gross rain and blustering winds (HELLO, weatherman can you hear me? This week’s wintery tantrums have been UNACCEPTABLE). And mostly, you want something that will not judge the months you spent indoors and pasta-adjacent. Presumably God invented shoes for all your post-winter shopping needs, because they’re the perfect things to buy when you want to give your look a little lift but you’re not quite ready to commit to anything that zips. And so, I bring you the latest in footwear – an article I probably should have called “two shoe trends that will make you say ‘REALLY?!’”.


Image sources: 1. Bailey Ballet flat, $129.95, from Witchery; 2. Lily ankle strap ballet, $29.95, from Sportsgirl; 3. Acre heel, $139.95, from Nine West.

Trend 1: all white (still)

I KNOW, I KNOW. You hate white shoes. They remind you of your mother/ your 80s fashion mistakes/ your mother’s 80s fashion mistakes. But they’ve been back for a while and given our current obsession with monochrome, I can’t see them skipping off any time soon. I personally love them: crisp and clean, because nobody has seen them since 1988 they automatically give your outfit an edge - and all you have to do is chuck them on. Bonus, white goes with just about everything. You can make this trend soft and femme in ballet flats; or powerful and linear in those Alexander Wang style heels from Nine West; or super monochrome in the black and white Sportsgirl flats that are pretty damn close to the ones in the street style image at the top. Just give it a go. I won’t force you to wear shoulder pads too. Promise.


Image sources: 1. Mephisto Helen, $169, from Paul Carroll; 2. Eloise flatform, $79.95, from Sportsgirl; 3. Scarlett, $59.95, from Novo.

Trend 2: things that look like Birkenstocks

Yes, another eyebrow raiser. You can blame The Bloggers/ Alexa Chung for this one (and maybe Celine’s ridiculous and weirdly excellent mink lined Birkenstocks) – but the official footwear of German tourists everywhere is back in fashion. And after a few good years of chunky footwear being in vogue, it’s barely a surprise. As per usual, it’s all about the contrast – sleek loose tailored clothing with an awkward shoe: a balance of beautiful and ugly. You can wear them with your ripped up jeans and your Breton striped shirt too. If you’re still not convinced, consider this an opportunity to wear sinfully comfortable shoes and be at the height of fashion: those are two factors that don’t happen in tandem very often, especially with regards to footwear, so savour it while it lasts.

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